Are you a brittle or toffee lover? We personally love both but many people favor one over the other. It is interesting to see the reactions from people when they hear one or the other. Our neighbor really perks up when he hears the word “brittle” while others really go for toffee. Why is this? What are the qualities of each that make one so much more appealing than the other? So, we have some theories.

Brittle lovers are usually peanut fanatics. Brittle is traditionally filled with salty roasted peanuts. The chemistry of heated sugars and baking soda create a texture for the brittle that make it crunchy and not hard on your teeth. The baking soda makes the sugar mixture foam up to put lots of little holes throughout the liquid. It is always our favorite part of brittle making. It really is one of the most important parts of great brittle. We put more peanuts in ours than many recipes because we like the peanuts to basically be held together by this hole filled sugar coating. So, it is our theory that “brittle people” are into the peanut flavor and the crunch. It really is addictive.

Toffee lovers are usually into the flavor that only butter can supply. Toffee is classic butter and sugar that is heated into toffee once it hits the right temperature. We add various types of tree nuts (almonds, coconut, and pistachios) to enhance the flavor and texture. Also, you can choose to top it with chocolate and more nuts if you are a chocolate fan. It is very good combination. The texture of properly prepared toffee is crunchy not sticky. Once you try it, it is hard to stop “snacking” on it.

So which one are you? Toffee or brittle? Try them both and let us know!