My daughter and I have always shared the love of baking. I guess it is because my own mother shared that with me and so I passed it down to my kids. Elise and Luke both know how to bake and appreciate things made from scratch. But Elise is the one that  has been the one to really want to try new things and ask questions.

This pastime has always been something personal until very recently. Elise has asked to start her own business for a while and I did not respond to it until now. She has really shown her ongoing interest in figuring out how to combine her love of baking and her entrepreneurial spirit.

I have worked in the education space the past fews years and have been researching the key things that point to the most compelling outcomes for our kids. The overwhelming findings connect parent involvement and relevance to applying skills to the real world. Well I can’t think of a better way to put that research to use than respond to Elise’s interest.

She wants to learn how to use her skills and build a business with me? Parent involvement, math, communications, organization, planning, creativity and more are involved. I think this could be one the best classes she takes this year. My hope is she can use things she learns in school and apply them to this business.

I also hope we have fun together doing what we already like doing. We also hope others enjoy what we create.

So, we hope you see why we do this. We are in the pursuit of tasty excellent that makes your eating experience result in just plain “YUM”. What else can we say? You have to try it to understand what we mean. Go ahead, make our day. It will make yours. I hope it teaches her a great deal. I have a feeling I am going to learn a lot as well.