Hay-o! Elise here , its my turn to do a blog! Today I’m going to talk about why I did this business with my mom. As you know my mom does most of the actual business side at this point and you wonder “What does the kid do?” well…I BAKE! When I had the idea of a business I knew I had to do the business part but all I wanted to do was bake and make it for people, cause you can’t make something and have no one eat it or it will go bad and its fun to hear people’s response and advice. I love baking and I don’t know why. Maybe because i have a family of cooks and bakers….probably! :D.

Overtime I will learn some business tips as I go. She already teaching me some things like keeping books and organizing costs.

Anyway I’ll see you guys later and I bid you, ¬†good-night!