This morning I woke up a bit tired but excited at the same time. Last night, my daughter brought her toffee and cookies to “Fantastic Friday” which is an event for the Heards Ferry Elementary school. She graduated from this great school last year but my son is there now. It was hard work for us both and we are dragging a little right now.

Elise was one of the food vendors and it was her first time running a table like that. My mom came to help (she is definitely the greatest mom ever). I thought it was kind of cool having three generations of bakers there representing the concept and the purpose.

It did not take long for my mother and I to back off from “helping”. Elise needed very little help. I was impressed and amazed at her level of confidence talking to every customer and explaining their choices. She also showed the ability to call attention to her table with a charm that brought people over to investigate. I do believe she is the kind of person who is at ease in this context when she believes in her heart that what she has to offer is truly worthy. I am proud of her. She created something she knows is worthy.

It is truly wonderful to have this opportunity to watch my child step up. I am able to learn more about her and see what she can do. When they are young, it is easy to underestimate their abilities. This business is helping me see her talents. I feel very lucky (but still tired).