Hello! Elise here and back to share some super cool news. I am very honored that Ms TL asked me if Experience Yum would partner with her to help raise funds for Childhood Cancer. It was an instant “yes!” because it super exciting to do what I love doing while it helps others in need.

Ms TL has been so supportive of me for many years at Imperatori Karate. She helps Mr Joey make it all run well. She raises money every year from the beginning of September, all the way to the end of October. This month is about Childhood Cancer awareness and next month is the Breast Cancer walk.

We made special cookies for her for each month. In September, we have a sugar cookie with a gold ribbon icing top. In October, we will change the gold to pink. Each color symbolizes the support of fighting these cancers. You can buy these cookies ( as well as Choc Chip, peanut butter, or key lime) in snack size form (3 cookies) at the Karate studio. So go and support Ms TL and experience a yummy treat!

Ms TL has also inspired Experience Yum to donate 10% of its sales in the months of September and October to Cancer research. When you order off the website, we deliver locally free and 10% will go to help the effort. Go Team!!