This weekend Elise and I explored cupcakes. We were inspired by my mother’s birthday party because we were to bring the dessert. We made some very nice chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate swirled buttercream icing. The taste was very nice but the texture of the cake was a bit too dense and they did not fill the cupcake papers once they cooled.

Elise and I were now on a mission to make the perfect chocolate cupcake. We basically spent all day on Sunday baking versions of chocolate and vanilla cakes with various icings. After many hours of trial and error, we now have two cakes and four icings that we think are really good.

I have always baked for pleasure growing up but have never worked this hard on a new recipe before. Until now, I have leaned on what I already know is good. After yesterday, I have a new appreciation for the chefs out there who are creating new things on a regular basis. Even if you know food, it is very hard work. It is also time consuming and expensive. You really have to try many versions and live with throwing away some.

I am really glad Elise was helping me because she is a carefree risk-taker and I am more structured. She was more willing to try new things or put two thing together that I had not thought to do. Between the two of us, we have a really cool cupcake with salted caramel icing and toffee chard topping that I think is out of this world and unique. I would not have come up with that without her.

Hard work and good collaboration is a good combination! We are now confident offering these cupcakes. We will continue with more cake flavors as they pass our test.