A few months ago, my friend and I were talking about wanting to go to this show. There were a few problems with this idea. One, would my mom let me go and two, could I afford the ticket.

My friend and I talked about the money issue first. How much did it cost and did we have the money? My friend did not have near enough money and did not want to ask her mom permission without a plan to have the money. I did not have enough money either. She quickly thought that it would be great to have a bake sale to earn the money.

Now, what was my reaction to that? I will say it was not a regular 12 year old girl’s reply. My first questions flowed out real quick. “What are you planning to sell?” “How much does it cost to make that?” “How much profit for each item?” “Where are you going to put this bake sale?” “Do you need a license?” My friend was silent and then said, well I guess that idea won’t work.

I actually took myself by surprise. I did not want to crush her idea but I do think of these kinds of questions now. Then it hits me, OMG – am I becoming my mom? These are the very things she has been teaching me about business. It is what Experience Yum is all about. This shows me that her lessons have in fact been working. I have learned a thing or two from my mom and I might be turning into her.

Signing off