Last night, Elise and I were part of an event in Woodstock, GA called Dog Day Afternoon. This was an event that welcomed anyone with a dog to come to downtown Woodstock and enjoy dog-centric events. Experience Yum came with our homemade dog treats.

It was really interesting to watch the owners and their dogs. We got to know the owners through their pets. We got to know the dogs through the questions we asked. What breed is that? How old is your dog? Are they a rescue? All of these questions were asked many times and the answers varied and everyone had a special story. The dogs showed their personality by what treat they liked best. They can’t talk but you can tell what they are saying by what they eat, if they wag their tail, and if they keep smelling for more.

Pets are an important bond for humans and it was evident last night. The Morneweck family have always had pets and our dogs are part of the family.The very reason we created our homemade dog treats was originally for Mocha and Bacon. We ask our vet if our treats were healthy treats and she gave us the thumbs up. We feel good about what we are making for pets. We want to part of a healthy solution, not junk food for dogs.

We hope to be part of more events like this. We had so much fun and met many like minded people. We will be looking to do this again.