Special Events

Have a Special Event?

Thank you for the amazing cookies for YLSS graduation!

Polly W

YLSS Director, Youth Leadership Sandy Springs

The perfect cake for a special birthday girl. Thanks for taking special care with our special requests.

Lauren T.

Super Mom, Director of Thomas Household

My music students now ask for the “yummy cookies” at every recital. They are just so good – it is the best way to celebrate their hard work.

Lisa M.

Flute Teacher

It was so fun to bring a special set of cookies custom made for my friend. It was a hit at the shower.

Latoya J.

Close friend of future mom

It is really nice to present something branded to your college club. It makes the event feel special – not to mention very tasty!!

Jane D.

College Club Director

I am not a cook, but now I can make a party special with this wonderful bakery resource! They really take the extra step with special requests.

John M.

Dad extraordinaire